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The Range Rover Sport is a great luxury midsize SUV with agile handling and a well-built cabin. If you’re interested in getting it, the big decision is whether buying or leasing it will be right for you.

We’re here to explain to drivers around Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and South Valley the benefits of a Range Rover Sport lease. Learn all about the vehicle below, and feel free to contact us at Land Rover Albuquerque if you have any questions.

Range Rover Sport Features

2019 sportIf you’re seeking a luxury vehicle with a sporty performance and design along with a long list of features, then you’ll love the Range Rover Sport.

  • Range Rover Sport Exterior & Interior Design

With a powerful and muscular stance, this vehicle doesn’t mess around. It has a distinct silhouette, with a rearward sloping roof and continuous waistline. Plus, its grille, 22-inch split-spoke wheels, and wrap-around LED headlights give off a dramatic and modern look and feel.

While the SUV is very athletic, at the end of the day, it’s still a luxury vehicle, which is apparent through its interior design and amenities.

For instance, there are optional Semi-Aniline leather seats with a Cut Diamond pattern in stunning colors, such as Ebony Vintage Tan and Ebony Eclipse. Plus, heated/cooled front seats, heated rear seats, and a heated steering wheel are available. This way, you can easily warm up or cool down, depending on the time of year.

  • Performance Specs

The Range Rover Sport offers several powerful engines, including the available 5.0L V8 that churns out 575 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. It also performs well on both the smooth city streets and the hilliest terrain.

One feature that makes this SUV so capable off-road is the available Terrain Response® 2. This system will automatically select the appropriate driving mode based on the terrain you’re driving on. The setting options are:

  • Comfort
  • Grass/Gravel/Snow
  • Mud & Ruts
  • Sand
  • ECO
  • Rock Crawl

No matter which mode you choose, you’ll get optimum traction on the surface you’re currently driving on to help you get around with ease.

  • Technologies in This Land Rover SUV

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport also has an array of advanced technology to help keep you connected and entertained.

All your media options are easily accessible through two 10-inch high-definition touchscreens of the Touch Pro™ Duo infotainment system. With the dual screens, you can pull up directions on one while simultaneously adjusting media settings on the other.

Backseat passengers can then take advantage of the available Rear Seat Entertainment system. They can watch a movie on one of two 8-inch screens built into the back of the front headrests. Then, with a pair of WhiteFire® digital wireless headphones, they can be entertained while you get to enjoy a quiet, peaceful drive.

Benefits of Leasing a Range Rover Sport

car dealership people As we mentioned before, you can get a Sport by either buying or leasing one. Both have their benefits, but leasing is a great option for people who like getting a new vehicle every few years.

This finance option allows you to enjoy the latest features and technologies. Plus, you can get creature comforts, such as heated/ventilated seats and a heated steering wheel, while sticking to your budget.

Leasing a vehicle often costs less than financing the same model since you’re only paying off the depreciation rather than the total cost of the car. Plus, when buying an automobile, you often have to put more down initially—it could be anywhere from 10% to 20% of the vehicle’s total price. However, leasing is usually less than that; sometimes, you don’t have to put anything down, depending on a lease deal that may be available.

Furthermore, when you lease a new car, you usually get it for about three years. As a result, the vehicle is often still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, meaning you could get free oil changes or other scheduled maintenance. Also, since the car is new, it usually doesn’t need more than the routine maintenance work to help keep it in tip-top shape.

How to Lease a Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Finance CenterBefore you can lease the Range Rover Sport, you’ll need to decide which color and trim level you want.

One of our staff members will be happy to walk you around the showroom, so you can see which versions of this model we have available. We’ll answer any questions you have about the car’s performance, technologies, and so forth. We’ll also let you test drive a couple trims to help determine which one is right for you.

Then, when you’re ready to lease this luxury midsize SUV, you can stop by our finance center to start the process.

First, we’ll go over your budget and see if we have any leasing offers available for the specific vehicle that you’ve picked out. With our lease deals, you can pay a lower price per month while putting a low or no down payment on the car.

We’ll then start writing up your lease agreement, applying any vehicle protection plans if you choose to get one. When that’s all done, you just sign on the dotted line, and we’ll hand over the keys to a brand-new Range Rover Sport!

Lease a Range Rover Sport Today

If you need more information about our leasing offers or the leasing process in general, then contact Land Rover Albuquerque. Our experts will explain everything you need to know about leasing, so you can feel confident in your decision. Plus, we’ll help prepare you for the lease-end process when it gets close to trading in your current Range Rover Sport.

So, don’t wait. Contact us to lease this Land Rover model near Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or South Valley today!

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